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Beginning of My Tech Stack

 Currently, I am working as a freelancer on Upwork. I have had a few gigs. I have 3+ years of experience in developing IoT systems. My tech stack includes C++, C, Esp32, Arduino, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MATLAB, and Python. I also know Circuit Designing & Testing, Hardware Architecture, Mechatronics, Networking, Competitive Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. When I look back, I often wonder how it all began. Very few people know this story. My 13th birthday was about to arrive; it was in 2015. I always remember those October evenings when I wondered what present I should demand this time. What could a 13-year-old boy want? We recently brought a TV. So all I wanted was a PlayStation. Fitting our budget, we decided to get PlayStation 2 in 2015, unknown to the world of GameTech. My mother and I went out hunting for a PS2. We went to one showroom after another, one dealer after another, and all I found was disappointment. Apparently, PlayStation 2 were old tech, w
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Profound Passion of Coffee!!

While 2k22 was ending, I discovered a few new things. One of them is Speciality Coffee. It has become integral to my life in the last 6 months. I have a dedicated journal in which I note my coffee experiences. I have been a regular coffee person and rarely miss my coffee. For most of my life, I have been drinking instant coffee. My favourite instant coffee brands are "BRU Gold" and "House Of Coffee". I was just surfing youtube, and I discovered a video of Aeropress. While I found that video of making coffee using AeroPress oddly satisfying, there was a bunch of stuff I didn't understand, like what "brewing" means, what are "coffee grounds", why don't people just drink grounds with coffee, what's the need to have such brewing equipment, just mix coffee & water and drink for god's sake. So, coffee grounds are just coffee beans ground into powder, and unlike instant coffee, ground coffee doesn't dissolve in water; that's

Unwinding 2k22

The last day of 2k22. 2k22 has been really good. Thinking about all the things that happened this year. This hasn't been the best year of my life, but what makes this year special is that there were many lows and ups. I am grateful for all the ups and new people I met this year. All the lows of this year have given me a lot of teaching. Remembering all these memories makes me happy, and some also make me sad. In the beginning, everything was calm. I had my Computer Science studies going on and academics going online. In April, when I arrived at the campus for offline studies. Things were very different. There were so many things that I didn't expect at all. I met so many new people and made amazing friends with whom I share many memories. I also met a girl who is now my someone special. The first few months of college, or the entire semester, were filled with craziness and joy. At the same time, my coding journey took a hit. But it was okay.  I explored so many places, did thin

Smuggling Times of School

     This is one of my great memories. The craziest is still about to come, but this is about the time when I smuggled snacks into school. It started when I was in 11 th grade, the year 2018. Our school time was 7:20 am. I always reached about 7:40 or so. Our break time was 9:35 am to 10:00 am. The last class ended at 1:20 pm. So, between all those boring lectures of chemistry, physics, and maths, we were used to getting pretty hungry. The brunch we used to carry with us from home wasn’t always enough. After all, we were growing teenagers who just used to jump around. One same day, a classmate of mine was absent. One of us had a cell phone in the school that fine day. So, we thought, let’s call that lazy guy who slept late and didn’t attend school. We called him and asked him to bring 15 Aloo Puri to the school. Now aloo puri is a famous snack of surat, must try if you get the chance. The friend got us the aloo puri, but the big task was still to get it to the hungry stomachs. Betwe

Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley -Part 2

  The Part 2 of Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley. The sixth chapter is Linking Thoughts. This is not a method but it is a very important concept. When you are pegging more and more information, you might forget. So, if you don’t want to forget, link your thoughts, whatever you are using in your imagination to hold pieces of information, always make sure that all the pieces are linked together through actions, objects, etc. The author has given a very good example of this concept by a story, which contains the first 12 Presidents of the United States. The seventh chapter is Remembering Names. I am not going to talk about this in detail, some people might find it offensive. The concept used is Concentrate, Create, Connect, Continuous Use. You have to find distinguishing features of the person and connect that to their name. The initial idea of imagination holds valid for every method. The eighth chapter Remembering Numbers. This is very interesting. First assign alphabets to

Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley -Part 1

  As you already know from the title, this is a book review blog. As this is the first time I am talking about books, let me tell you that I mostly read books related to productivity, motivation or something that I want to learn. I also read fiction but that is very limited. I have been planning to begin The Song of Ice & Fire Series, but I haven’t yet. One of my favourite books is Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller and in fiction, I like A Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I will talk more about this and many other books that I have already read and the ones which I will read. You can buy yourself a copy of Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley from this link. Before diving into the book, let me tell you about my obsession with memory and IQ. If I talk about my childhood, I would say that I was quite intelligent, but I never realized that I lacked the confidence to believe in myself, a story for another time. Even now, I have a pretty good brain, some might envy it. But if I ta

First Week of 2022

     I am gonna post a lot of great memories of mine, so I don't forget all the fantastic experiences I had in my life. This blog features how I spent the first week of 2022. Honestly, it was only the 2 days that were amazing. The rest of the week had nothing that special. As I told you in my last blog, I recently shifted to Valsad. I haven't got any time to make friends here or meet anyone. All my friends are in Surat. My original plan was to run off to Surat on the 31st have a blast party on 31st eve. Spend New Year morning in hangover, eat aloo puri for breakfast and lunch, have dinner at BBQN, and some other unique plans for the day. But none of that happened. Unfortunately, I had classes on 1st Jan, so I can't leave on 31st.      So, I booked a ticket for 1st Jan evening, in the evening of 31st, I got to know that classes on new year had been cancelled. A little late, but not that anything can be changed now. I spend 31st eve at my house, doi